Israel Buium, mentalist and sensory artist – and even a supersensory artist – has been conquering stages and hearts for years with his experiential and entertaining shows, merging cleverness and surprise for stunning private and public events before diverse audiences locally and internationally.

Israel Buium is endowed with exceptional telepathic talent, mind reading abilities, able to get “inside” another person’s head and decipher thoughts, based on his amazing diagnostic talents, his highly developed intuition and methods that apply psychology and mentalist techniques such as cold reading, personology (reading faces), body language and more.  All this, with the added bonus of a fantastic sense of humor and plenty of stage experience, make your event a winner.

As a skilled expert at close up, Israel Buium conveys messages in an attractive, humoristic, and particularly convincing manner.  Sales promotions, product or service launches, and any event geared to drawing and convincing the public will succeed due to Israel’s originality and interaction with your audience as part of his show.  The intimacy he creates leaves a sense of closeness that develops trust and credibility  Let Israel Buium bring your audience to trusting your product or service through enjoyment, creating business contacts, and driving sales.


Israel Buium’s incredible capabilities of discernment and “cold reading” techniques allow him to “read” people using 52 senses and out of the box thinking methods.  And they also serve as the basis for consulting and background up business persons and private individuals.  Israel Biuim will direct and assist you in business moves, especially those involving elements of personal and interpersonal relationships, such as choosing candidates for senior positions, diagnosing potential business partners, structuring new business liaisons, and much more.

Based on your needs, Israel will conduct workshops on guided imagery, NLP, suggestion, creative thinking and more.


Telepathy is a link between thoughts or feelings among people that do not rely on the known five senses.  Whether you believe in telepathy or not, it’s impossible to ignore the curiosity, interest and wonder that it creates.  Science is still trying to prove the powers of telepathy, but that’s exactly what makes it so enticing – How can that be?  How did you know?

And Israel Buium knows!  With him, everything’s possible!

Some people use common tricks and call that telepathy.  But some people really do have a “sixth sense” and extraordinary intuition that lets them “read” others successfully.

Israel Buium is an outstanding telepathist.  He’s incredibly funny, he’s smart and original, and he reads minds, bends objects and gets them to move, makes them hover and even disappear – all through the power of thought alone.

So if you’re organizing any kind of event and want to impress your guests with an incredible extra sensory experience that will have them spellbound in their seats, call Israel Buium today!  Your guests will be really grateful.

A telepathy performance can be a stand-alone event, or as interludes between lectures dealing with thinking, blocked thinking, creative thinking and more.

In addition to its artistic element, Israel Buium successfully takes advantages of his telepathic skills and rare sensitivities for business consultancy and mentoring.

Mentalists are people capable of reading another person’s thoughts based on their externality, body language and other natural aspects and traits.  Mentalism artists take advantage of these and other skills to impact an audience’s reality, their primary goal being to entertain and amaze the audience.

In his performances, Israel Buium merges in-depth knowledge in psychology with his rich experience in mind reading to make participants think in certain ways.  This amuses and amazes people, but most of all, makes your event unforgettable.

Cold reading is the ability to say something to a person about that person without any acquaintanceship with that person, yet give the individual the sense that you know everything about her or him.  Cold reading is based on cumulate knowledge of various types of people from all sectors and margins of the population.

Using this technique, I ‘assimilate’ people and their unique traits and characteristics, and categorize them in hundreds of ‘drawers’ in my mind.  This is not as simple as it sounds.  Optimal implementation of cold reading requires good intuitive abilities alongside thorough ground work over many years.  A person involved in cold reading structures a “catalog of nature types” through encounters with people from all socio-economic levels, diverse countries and cultures.  People can be encountered in malls, hotels and markets or anywhere imaginable.  The mentalist will scan the ‘computer’ in her or his brain for the appropriate links that sketch out the person’s likeness, even without ever having met the other individual in person.

The more data one can access on an individual, such as the type of vehicle she or he drives, where that individual lives, what is in her or his refrigerator, how clothing is organized in the wardrobe, what type of shampoo she or he uses, or perfume, and so on, the more precise a cold reading will be.

When is cold reading useful?

Cold reading is highly useful in the field of business and in the field of human resources placement.  I am invited to business meetings with companies in order to provide an additional angle to a manager’s impressions of a potential client, or provide an additional opinion on accepting employees or ascertaining a potential employee’s suitability for a particular position.  These opinions are based on the “catalogue of nature types” stored in my mind.

On stage, a mentalist uses intuition and cold reading techniques to impress the audience.  A true mentalist can identify people and natures through basic assumptions, cross referencing and integrating body language, facial gestures, scent, type of hair, teeth, nails, apparel, jewelry and more.  Some parameters are fixed, and appear in the literature, such as mime (facial gesture), voice, diction and intonation, manner of watching and more.  However, there are also a large number of variables such as clothing and accessories, which the expert mentalist can make use of for adding further information to a cold reading.

Do mentalists have extrasensory powers?

From what you have read so far, clearly mentalists do not have extrasensory powers.  They are able to “read” people based on strong intuition and cold reading, which are acquired over the years with invested effort, just as an experienced sales assistant can, with a quick glance, identity the needs and taste of a client entering the store.

In summary, intuition and cold reading are tools in the service of the mentalist.

These activities are not magic, or supernatural, but the outcome of lengthy in-depth processes of investigation, study and research.  Taken together with natural talent, enriched by experience, mentalists can surprise and enthuse the audience, and even assist other professionals in areas such as choosing employees or reaching decisions.

Remember!  For real professionals there are no shortcuts.  The successful artist is not necessarily the celebrity appearing on billboards but the individual who has invested, learned and become professional.

Reading a person’s face – how often have you met with someone and tried to decipher her or his personality through their facial gestures and structure?

A person’s face – from eye size to forehead wrinkles, thickness of lips, angle of eyebrows and more – are a language of their own.  And that language is called personology.  It links between a person’s physical structure and personality structure, and allows reading personalities through facial gestures and physiognomy.  Being fluent in personology and body language comprehension makes it possible for mind readers to surprise the person they face.

Israel Buium studied personology and body language in depth and uses it to amaze audiences at his shows.  Every movement, gesture or blink of an eye is caught by him.  He sees it all and takes the information in, analyzes it, and using humor and wit, gives his shows added value.

Want to surprise your guests and leave them with a more personal and intellectual experience in a light hearted atmosphere?  Ask Israel to integrate his personology skills into his performance to make the event you’re organizing unforgettable.